Portavogie crab mayonnaise with soft egg, crispy capers and melba toast


This simple, stunning, fresh dish makes a perfect starter for a summer dinner. All of the preparation can be done in advance, leaving you time to enjoy your evening with you guest.
Buy the best, fresh local white crab meat from your fish monger. If you are feeling adventurous, buy a whole crab, cook it and pick all of the meat yourself, time consuming but rewarding as the end result is far superior, and all of the shells make a fantastic seafood sauce or bisque.
Make sure you pick through the crab meat well, to ensure there are nasty bits of shell for your guest.


400g fresh white crab claw meat
1 lemon zest
1 lime zest
Pinch cayenne pepper
5g chop chives
10g fresh parsley, slice thinly
Salt, pepper to taste
40g homemade mayo (purchased can be used)
2 tablespoons ice cold water to lighten mixture

4 quail egg
15g capers, rinsed of all salt
2 tomatoes, peeled, seeded and diced
1 cucumber, cut with a small scoop or cut into small dice
12 sliced croutons, toasted lightly
10ml olive oil
Coriander to garnish


Pick shells out of crab meat, squeeze a little until dry, add lemon zest, cayenne, herbs and then mayo. Add water and then season to taste.

Place a pan of water over high heat and boil, add the eggs and cook for 2minutes 40 seconds, plunge immediately into iced water and leave to cool. This will leave the yolks still a little soft.
Peel the cooked quail egg and cut it in half.
Place a large pan over medium heat and add a little olive oil. Add the capers and cook until they are crisp.
Mix the tomatoes and cucumber with olive oil. Season and add coriander.
Place the crab mayo in the middle of a round serving plate, top with capers, then add quail egg and croutons.

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