Dinner at Apsleys restaurant by Hienz Beck


A stunning dinner cooked by Chef Massimiliano Blasone.

Apsleys, a Heinz Beck Restaurant, winner of the prestigious Michelin Star.
This is the first restaurant outside Italy created by internationally renowned chef, Heinz Beck holder of 3 Michelin stars at La Pergola in Rome. As Beck has said of his cooking, it is "light cuisine of Mediterranean flavours". The Executive Chef, and the man responsible for ensuring the quality and consistency of Beck's menu is Massimiliano Blasone, who was the Executive Chef at Castello Banfi, the Tuscan estate producing Brunello di Montalcino wine. Apsleys has two private dining rooms and two wine tasting rooms which offer an impressive list of wines, and many are available by the glass.

Chef Massimiliano cook for us one of the most memorable dinners I have eaten in years.

Here is what we had.

First Course :- Fish 'Crudo'
A selection of four types of cured fish, very light and served with a very refreshing melon salsa.
This dish was a perfect balancing act of subtle flavours, each working perfectly together.

Lightly grilled Langoustine, topped with crispy breadcrumbs and served with braised fennel,
grapefruit, toasted almonds and olive oil crushed potatoes.
The outstanding dish for me. This dish had the touch of elegance, very subtle flavours (which Massimiliano seems to excel in) which all married perfectly.

Lobster Salad :- Very gently, just cooked (almost transparent) lobster served with artichoke, pickled white asparagus and strawberries!!!
I thought at first 'strawberries and lobster' never a combination I would put together, but trust me in the hands of Massimiliano it was a triumph!!!

Foie Gras Terrine :- A very delicate terrine of foie gras sandwiched with an apple filling served with smoked apple puree and jelly and amaretti crumbs. Fantastic.

A second foie gras course was an unusual preparation but proved to be one of the best :- lightly poached foie gras topped with maple syrup and glazed. Came to the table siting on Quinoa and toasted rice kernels, then the waiter poured a crystal clear Porcini mushroom consomme over.
This was a beautiful, perfectly executed dish, full of deep mushroom flavours.
The pasta course :- As in every fine Italian restaurant there has to be a pasta course, even at this level. Out came pillows of melt in the mouth pasta, filled with egg yolk and Pecornio cheese, served with asparagus, asparagus puree, broad beans and a light tomato sauce.
I wish I could make pasta like this!!!!

Next came a slight move in style but never the least very good :- A feather light tempura battered cod served on tomato, butter bean and mange tout and as a side dish came scallops with a samphire salad and red pepper sauce. Very tasty.

Next came the Suckling pig from Tuscany :- Tender pieces of melt in the mouth suckling pig wrapped in its own crispy skin and served with apple puree and parsnip
top quality ingredients cooked to perfection yet again.

Next the pigeon :- A very rich, deep flavoured pigeon breast sitting on top of a globe artichoke, the whole lot wrapped in puff pastry and baked until golden, served with beetroot, parissienne carrots and a wonderful mustard seed jus.
Second, only just, to the Langoustine this was another highlight to an altogether perfect meal.

Coffee parfait with chocolate and pineapple.

Rum Baba beautifully flavour with rum.

A very fine display of chocolate creations from the pastry chef. 7 different chocolate desserts. a Chocolate lovers idea of heaven.

Mille Fueille of apple with meringue topping, chocolate ice cream, apple and vanilla puree.

Selection of petite fours served with coffee.

An altogether outstanding meal that I would highly recommend to any lover of very fine dinning Italian food.
Can't wait to my next visit!!!!!!!!! 

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