Pimm’s Cup


Pimm’s No.1 cup, which is the main ingredient in the Pimm’s cocktail, is a brown burgundy-coloured ,gin-based, semi sweet fruit liqueur is so strongly associated with the Pimm’s cocktail that the drink is often called the Pimm’s cup.
The Pimm’s history begins in London in 1823, when James Pimm’s opened Pimm’s oyster bar in London’s financial district. He served oysters alongside the ‘house cup’; a gin sling with a proprietary mix of liqueurs and fruit extracts. The drink was initially served as a digestive tonic in a tankard and was such a big hit, he expanded the business to sell it buy the bottle to other taverns. In 1859, he began to sell Pimm’s No.1 commercially and the drink became a must have concoction among the fashionable socialites of England.
After the Second World War he followed with the Pimm’s No.2 cup, made with a scotch base and the Pimm’s No.3 cup made with a brandy base. Eventually six Pimm’s cup versions were released, with base spirits of rum, rye and vodka completing the line. It is hard to find these Pimm’s today as onlt No1 and No.6 are produced any longer.
In England, the beverage is almost as much a tradition as the cup of tea and the English drink it by the gallon during the summer months. It has also become the drink of Wimbledon.  


50mls Pimm’s
25ml Lemon juice
10ml stock syrup
10ml fresh ginger extract


1 slice of cucumber
1 orange slice
1 lime slice
1 raspberry
1 blackberry
1 strawberry

Pour the Pimm’s, lemon juice, stock syrup and fresh ginger extract into a cocktail shaker. Shake over ice. Strain into a glass mug filled with freshly cracked ice.
Top with soda and garnish with cucumber, orange, lime and berries, add a sprig of mint and serve.

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