Pressed Foie Gras Terrine with Caramelised Chicory and Spiced Red Cabbage Chutney



For the terrine;

2 lobe of foie gras
75ml port
150ml muscat
50ml brandy
2 bay leaves
2 sprigs of thyme

For the braised red cabbage;

1 large red cabbage, shredded
1tblsp sea salt
1bottle of red wine
250ml red wine vinegar
50g brown sugar
50g red currant jelly
1 star anise
1 cinnamon stick
4 juniper berries
2 sprigs of thyme, chopped

For the chicory;

1tblsp of butter
2 heads of chicory
1tsp caster sugar
1tblsp water
Juice of ½ lemons

To serve;

Sprig of parsley
Reduced veal jus

For the terrine;

Leave the Foie gras out of the fridge to come to room temperature approx 45mins. (This will make the Foie gras a lot easier to work with). Pull apart the two lobes and remove all of the membrane that covers the outside of the liver. Starting from the top of the lobes locate the main vein the runs the length of the lobes. Slice through the lobe to the vein and follow its path cutting the vein out as you go. Cut far enough to open the folds and expose the interior of the liver, remove as many veins as possible.
Once the Foie gras is cleaned, fold over the sides and return its original shape.
Place the port, muscat, brandy, bay leaves and thyme into a pan, bring to the boil and allow to catch fire to burn of the alcohol. Once the flames have subsided remove from the heat and cool to room temperature.
Place the de-veined Foie gras into a vac pak bag and pour over the alcohol reduction, seal bag and leave to marinate in the fridge over night.
The next day remove the foie gras from the fridge and take it out of the bag, press the foie gras and its marinade into a terrine seasoning between the layers.
Set the oven to 110c and bring a small pan of water to the boil.
Place a large metal tray into the oven and lay a folded tea towel on the bottom of the tray, make sure the tea towel is the same length as the terrine.
Set the terrine onto the towel and pour into the tray enough water to come half way up the side of the terrine. Cook for 35-40mins.
Remove the terrine from the oven and take out of the water bath. Place on a tray and press overnight in the fridge.

For the cabbage;

Toss the cabbage in the sea salt, cover with cling film and leave to go limp in the fridge over night. Rinse well and drain.
Place the remaining ingredients into a large pot and bring to the boil, add the cabbage and turn down the heat to a simmer, leave to simmer for 1 hour, stirring all the time, remove from the heat and strain of any excess liquid. Place the cabbage into a blender and pulse lightly, pour over a little of the liquid and continue to pulse until desired consistency, cool and store in the fridge for a couple of days to allow the flavours to develop.

For the chicory;

Melt the butter in a small pan. Add the chicory, cut side down and cook over low heat until they take on a nice brown colour, 20mins.
Turn the heat up and turn the chicory over, quickly cook just to colour the other side.
Turn back over and sprinkle with sugar, water and lemon juice, season well and cover with tin foil. Bake at 150c for 2 hours or until tender.

To serve;

Slice the terrine into thick slices brush with a little warm veal jus and season with Maldon salt and pepper, place onto a serving plate.
Place a quenelle of cabbage to one side and place the warm chicory to the top of the plate.
Drizzle a little jus over the chutney and garnish with a sprig of parsley.

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